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Photos and Comments from Rwanda

Posted on August 9. 2014

The following is a letter and photos from Butare, Rwnanda


Those above were words one elderly person shouted when she saw the mattresses coming. Another said “I was cold now I am warm and now I have a soft place to sleep on!!!!" It is hard express how it feels said an elderly woman after receiving her mattress. Our elderly people we so happy when they received their beautiful stripped warm blankets few months ago. It was moving as I listened to them speak blessing upon those that are enabling them to get support. It really means a lot for us. It feels like life is now starting though we are advanced age they said. When Old People were expressing the gratefulness for getting blanket during th cold period, some were thinking of where and how they will keep and use them for a long peri of time.

Sleeping on a mattress looks as luxury deep in the villages and most people cannot afford one. Poor and old people sleep on a local beds made by logs of a tree tied together with grass on top of a traditional matt. The grass needs to be replaced from time to time because it can become dusty and causes terrible chest infections and habours insects that could be harmful.

As they received the beautiful blankets I overheard one saying to her colleague, “I wish I had descent place to put this beautiful nice blanket even if it means to reduce the quantity of food for some few months so that I get a mattress” I was moved by her sensitivity and thoughtfulness towards what we are spending for food. This really sparked in me and I felt something has to done. I embarked on a research to see what we can afford within our means to help them mattresses.

When the day came for us to meet them and share some food (maize flour, beans, rice and a bar of soap for washing their clothes) as usual they were thrilled to see that apart from food there were some mattresses for each one of them. Wow!! What a surprise for us. Some could not helpt but to weep out of joy and utter some of the following words I picked:

“I can not imagine the kind of sleep I will sleep tonight and the rest of my life in a blanket on mattress”

“I never dream that one day I will even touch a mattress not to talk of owning one. I ca imagine what it is made of”

“I am happy I will die and when I reach heaven I will boast I slept on a mattress in my lifetime. These people supporting us have really made me feel there is a joy and reason to live”

“At last I will not be asking people to help me with grass to change on my bed”

Sr Angela K. …………Submitted on the 15th July 2014


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