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HIGHLIGHTS from our March 2014 Newsletter
Adobe PDF document2014-March Newsletter THE IMPRISONED AGED Ė THE PROJECT AT MASAKA PRISON - The abuse and injustice that occurs in Ugandan prisons has been documented by many organizations that monitor justice and human rights. Elderly people are especially vulnerable to false charges by corrupt neighbors or by greedy extended family who takes possession of the elderly personís hut and belongings. It is not uncommon for the accused to remain imprisoned for years without a hearing or being convicted of any crime.
Other stories: • Tricycles for Malawi   • News from Honduras   •Meet "Abuela"

HIGHTLIGHTS from The Fall 2013 Newsletter
Adobe PDF document2013-October Newsletter
POVERTY VERSUS DESTITUTION - Our founder, Michael Craig, provides his perspective on the difference between being poor, which many of have been at some time in life, and the destitute elderly in developing countries. Other Articles: •Descent to Destitution and Redemption   •The Helping Hands Program
•News from the Medical Missionaries in Kirambi, Bhutare, Rwanda   •News from Enugu, Nigeria

Blind man touches foodLETTER FROM THE FIELD - RWANDA
Adobe PDF documentLetter from the field - Summer 2013

"The old man opened the door for us and wanted to at least touch the food that was brought for him and his wife. He was so grateful. . ." (read more)

HIGHTLIGHTS From the June 2013 Newsletter Adobe PDF document2013-June Newsletter Golf Tournament Success. The 2013 Hawkins Electric Golf Tournament raised over $18,000 for Michael's House. Help us thank them by supporting the generous sponsors. "Manna From Heaven!" Sister Angela describes reactions from the elderly at a Food Distribution event in Kirambi, Rwanda funded by Michael's House. Read her heartwarming report and learn about upcoming projects in our 2013-June Newsletter

Highlights From the February 2013 Newsletter
Adobe PDF document2013-February Newsletter
Highlights Michaelís House Works in 2012 - a year filled with both growth and participation in many exciting projects in varied countries throughout the developing world. We would like to share some of the photos and stories from those accomplishments. Download our 2013-February Newsletter for news from Honduras, Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania and more.

Seeing is Believing by Michael Taylor
Adobe PDF documentJune 2011 Newsletter“The eyes are the windows to the soul.” It’s a very old proverb, but it speaks truth to me so often. I went to Addis Ababa to help at Michael’s House recently. Looking into the eyes of the elderly destitute at Michael’s House revealed so much, and sometimes more than I could take emotionally." (read more)
Adobe PDF documentMarch 2011 Newsletter" Today is January 19, 2011 and through the confusion of calendars it is oddly enough Christmas Day 2007! There are no guests here at Michael’s House as all the roads are blocked for processions. Yesterday we gave extra food to help the old get through today.

On my way I dropped by Ann’s Shelter where the 30 residents were safely sharing their meager breakfast of coffee and sweet bread in the cool courtyard. Two of the men at the shelter are dying and the residents were taking turns caring for them... "    (read more

Tanzania – Cry for Help is Answered
Adobe PDF documentSeptember 2010 Newsletter Michael’s House had an urgent request from a family in Tanzania, who was willing to provide lifetime care for one of our elderly guests, if we could assist with a shelter.
Through the selfless giving of three private donors, we were able to erect a hut adjacent to theirs to accommodate the elderly gentleman.
The generosity of the family and private donors is truly appreciated and another example of what we can do together.

Michael's House in Thailand and Rwanda 2010 - Michael's House embarked on two new projects; The Baan Suksek project in rural Thailand and a sewing cooperative in Rwanda.

Tery LaRose with his wife and an older woman helped by Baan SuksekBAAN SUKSEK serving rural Thailand,
June 2010 Article
Tery LaRose wrote to us saying, ď My wife, who was raised by her grand parents, lived in utter poverty. She watched as they aged and had no one to care for them. She has always remembered just how unhappy and destitute their final years were. Her dream is to make a very simple home for people who now find themselves in similar destitution."
» Learn more about this project, watch videos and see photos at the Baan Suksek website. 
» Donate to the Baan Suksek Project.

Empowering War Widows in Rwanda Michael’s House is helping to set up sewing cooperatives to enable survivors of the Rwandan genocide  to earn a living.

May 2010 Article -
From April through June 1994, an estimated 800,000 Rwandans were killed in the space of 100 days. A disproportionate number of the survivors are poor widows. Many of them are barely surviving. The 10 million population of Rwanda, whose capital city is Kigali, has a life expectancy of 50 years old for women and 48 for men.

Grace Umutesi is a Michael’s House Board Member who is widowed as a result of the genocide that took place in Rwanda. Though she and her six children made it to the United States, Grace is haunted by the memory of the less fortunate left behind.

At Grace's request, Michael's House has launched an entrepreneurship program that will provide assistance to a group of these widows to help them in setting up their own enterprise. The idea is that we will set up cooperatives of groups of widows (probably six to a group) to whom we will donate sewing machines. This is a very effective and proven way of enabling these women to earn a living. Your donation to this Rwandan Sewing Project is indeed a gift that will keep on giving.

"Rachel's Clinic"

The medical clinic at the Michael's House main compound in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia has been dedicated to the memory of Rachel Craig who was killed in Indonesia on May 31, 2009.
THE NEWLY NAMED "RACHEL'S CLINIC" provides hundreds of destitute aged homeless people with healthcare. It also provides care for the residents of Ann's Shelter.

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